This Shelter Dog Was Too Depressed To Move… Until A Certain Stranger Showed Up.


Dogs are thought of as being lowly creatures who cannot process complex emotions and many of us think of them are being lower life forms. But dogs are able to feel emotional pain and sadness in a way that is all too real. Take the dog in this video for instance. She was placed in an animal shelter thousands of miles away from her home and she was also separated from all those who she loved so dear.

Nala the pitbull was rescued from New Zealand and given the chance to start a new life. However, she was very reticent upon arrival and did not immediately warm up to her new caretakers. All the depressed dog wanted to do was lay in the corner of her cage. When the rescue workers would try to get her to move, she simply growled and trembled. This was one of the most severe cases of being down in the dumps that they had ever seen.

The loving pitbull is not all that different from the rest of us. Can you imagine how you would react if you were removed from everything you knew and loved, then made to live in a cage? Nala’s depression is definitely understandable and we totally feel where she is coming from. Fortunately, her sadness would not have to last much longer, as she would soon receive one of the most special visitors of all.

A seven year old boy made his way to her cage and her demeanor shifted almost immediately. Nala went from sulking in the corner to happily sticking her nose and paws through the cage in no time flat. She now lives with the little boy and watching them pal around together is one of the most heartwarming endings that we could have hoped for. Her story shows just how important it is to be around those who love you when you are feeling blue.

She now has not one, but two sons to call her own! She also gets to spend her nights perched between them in bed. From the looks of it, Nala must have been close friends with children back in New Zealand, because she has taken to the presence of these two boys like you would not believe.
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