She Was Told She Has Cancer. So She Grabbed Her Dog And Did THIS…


Norma is one of the most unique people that we have ever had the chance to get to know. There are people half her age who struggle to have the same lust for life that she does and we could all stand to learn a lesson from her demeanor. Instead of allowing ourselves to wallow in sadness over first world problems, many of us should take a page from her book, get out there and enjoy life while we still have breath in our lungs.

Living life to the absolute fullest is what Norma is all about. When this 90 year old woman received a terminal cancer diagnosis, she could have decided to undergo chemotherapy and do everything in her power to extend the little bit of time she had left. But she opted to take a much different course of action, heading to the open road and doing her best to see as much of the world as she could before heading off to a much better place.
No radiation for Norma and no time to mourn, either. Would you believe that she received her cancer diagnosis a mere two days after her husband had passed away? Back to back blows like this one would have the majority of us lying in bed, crying like babies. Norma is not like most people, though. She is a survivor.

When she learned that she had uterine cancer, she told her doctor that it was time to hit the road. From there, she hopped into her son’s RV and took off, ready for an adventure. Her and her dogs have been touring the country and enjoying the time that they have left together.

Ringo, Norma’s dog, is one of the luckiest dogs in the world, since he has been able to come along for the ride. Be sure to remained tuned in, so that you can see the impressive list of cities and places that they visited for yourself.

Packing a lifetime’s worth of traveling into a short period of time is not easy, but Norma and her dog were able to put their concerns to the side and make a go of it. This video should serve as an inspiration to all of us to live our lives as if we were dying tomorrow, as well.
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