She Was Named The World’s Smallest Horse, But It’s What She Can Do That Has Me In Awe, WOW!


Thumbelina was born back in 2001, brought into the world on a fateful May 1st. Paul and Kay Goessling witnessed her entrance and knew that she had a chance to become a very special creature in the eyes of many. Paul and Kay are no stranger to small horses, raising an adorable variety of miniatures at Goose Creek Farm, which is located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

After Thumbelina’s birth, it was clear to the Goesslings that she would be much smaller than the majority of her counterparts. When the Guinness Book Of World Records showed up to measure her, she clocked in at a mere 17 inches high and just 57 pounds. These numbers came as no surprise to those who were familiar with her pedigree, as both of her parents were both miniature horses as well.

Goose Creek Farms is a family operation, which allows Paul and Kay to train Thumbelina as they see fit. If the name of this special miniature horse sounds incredibly familiar to you, that is because you are likely remembering it from your days of listening to bedtime stories when you were small or you recall the name from reading stories to children of your own.

Hans Christian Andersen penned a tale that would become world famous about a girl who was the size of a thumb and searching for love. This oft told tale is where the miniature horse Thumbelina derives her name from.

Thumbelina the horse does not allow her diminutive stature to get in the way of a good time. She readily poses for pictures with horses that are several times her size and shows zero signs of being intimidated.

While she is already genetically predisposed to being small, thanks to her tiny parents, she was also born with dwarfism, which has led to her extremely small stature. Her size does not detract from her quality of life, however. The Goesslings have outfitted her in a special set of horse shoes designed for keeping her safe and she receives a great deal of love and affection on the farm.

Thumbelina spends a great deal of her time providing cheer to sick and needy children, by making regular visits to the local children’s hospital. Just take one look at this adorable miniature horse and it is easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with her.

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