She Was Lost In The Woods For 15 Hours – Who Kept Her Alive Had The Family In Tears


You won’t believe what happened to this three-year old girl as she gets lost in the woods on a cold winter night. This cute little 3-year old had wondered off into the woods on a cold winter’s night. How does a little girl that age survive in the big bad cold woods. Watch this video and you will see an incredible rescue effort.
This dear little princess girl is so brave and wonderful surviving the coldest temperatures of the year. Little Victoria gets help from her best friend Blue. Blue is a burly Queensland dog who looks all the part in this heroic rescue. You won’t believe how he help to save her.

Blue was such a hero in this video by saving this cute little girl from freezing to death. The rescue team looked for hours before they found the little sweetheart. The rescue squad finally found her in a little ditch with her man Blue covering her. The dog was credited for saving his best friend from freezing. Blue had laid on top of her all night to keep 3-year old Victoria alive. The Burly dog turned out to be a real lifesaver.

The girl had wandered off into the woods over a mile from her house. When they found little Victoria the burly dog was protecting her and wouldn’t let them come near her. When Blue saw they were really trying to help little Victoria the dog was said to have “smiled.” Funny how dogs are so much like us humans.

The helicopter rescue team returned her back home to her parents. Watch how happy the dad is when they find her safe and sound with her best friend Blue. This big burly Queensland dog proved how valuable he was to his best friend. Watch as the little girl’s aunt tells her story along with her dad. Watch this short video and see how the rescue team talks about how Blue really saved her life.

This is an amazing story of a true American hero and his name is Blue. Watch this video as you hear about how this burly fellow saved his best friend’s life. Little Victoria may have never survived this ordeal without her best friend Blue. Watch as her relatives talk about Blue saving her life. The rescue team also explained how Blue laid on top of Victoria to save her life. Without Blue she would have never survived.

Victoria is the cutest little girl you could imagine and the big burly dog and her together is just the coolest scene. Watch this story and see how faithful her dog was to her. Dogs really are man’s best friend and in this case little girls. The fate of the little three-year old could have been a lot different. Blue we salute you as an American Hero! Take care of your dog and he will always be there for you.

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