She Was Going To Put This Dog In A Shelter – Until She Saw THIS


What happens in this surprising video is much more than a simple prank. When a woman walks into the local shelter with a dog, she expects to surrender the sweet canine. Everything seems normal in the lobby at first as a nice man behind the counter tells her to wait a moment. She obligingly sits in a chair. You might think the next step is to fill out paperwork before she walks out again, leaving the pooch to an uncertain fate. You’d be wrong.

Countless animals languish for long days, weeks or months in the shelter, waiting in a small cage for someone to notice them. Waiting for someone to walk past all the other cages and stop to say hello, offer some kind words and maybe a pat on the head if they’re lucky. Waiting for someone to open that cage door and take them out for exercise if there’s time. Waiting for someone to take them home.
But not all of them get so lucky. Unlucky dogs wait long days, weeks or months and eventually their time runs out. We prefer to call it “being put to sleep” but the reality is much more grim because there is no waking up.

People don’t often think about what life is like for animals in a shelter. They imagine animals as separate from humans in order to make themselves feel better. Shelters try to raise awareness in many different ways to let people know that not every animal is adopted and that animals should stay with their human families whenever possible.

The shelter should be a last resort if people are unable to find any family, friends or kindhearted strangers to take in a pet. Pets are a forever commitment. When they become sick and old they need their families and a familiar home environment more than ever.

Sometimes a shelter comes up with an idea to raise awareness that’s both brilliant and funny. When they turn the tables on the woman in the video it’s easy to laugh at first. Keep watching as she discovers what’s going on behind the scenes and beyond closed doors. Her decision at the end will surprise you. What would you do?

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