She Was Found In Heartbreaking Condition Lying In The Street. When They Approach Her, Watch Her…


This is a version of a story that is all too common, a story that we wish never took place. With so many stray dogs roaming the streets and precious few forever homes for them to choose from, there are thousands of animals forced to live on the streets, in complete neglect.

The saddest part of all is that the dog in this story was neglected by all of the people that she was forced to share a street with, even as her condition continued to deteriorate. This is not a fate that any animal should ever be forced to experience, but it is a sad reality for most homeless pets.

Finally, someone decided to contact a local rescue group, so that the animal could receive the help that she needed. Hope For Paws was alerted to the animal’s condition and the fact that she needed immediate medical attention. True to form, they immediately sprang into action and went to go find her.

When they arrived on the scene, the sickly pup was laying on the ground and things did not look good. Due to an infection in her paws, the dog was not even able to stand up and she was essentially helpless. The rescuers used a delicious cheeseburger to lure the dog closer to them, so that they could help.

This dog deserved a second chance at life and Hope For Paws was more than happy to provide that much needed second opportunity. They gave her a new name (Bethany) and brought her straight to the vet’s office, where she was diagnosed with numerous ailments.

Bethany was suffering from a severe case of mange, in addition to the aforementioned infection in her paws, and she would need a great deal of help to reach full health again. She is also suffering from additional infections and her impending adoption will be handled by the good people at the Bill Foundation.

Just take a look at this astonishing rescue video, so that you can get to know Bethany a bit better.

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Do you know someone who can provide this lovable pup with a forever home that she can call her own? Then please take the time to fill out an application and share this post with your family and friends. Hopefully, Bethany will be able to find a family that is willing to adopt her soon. Please don’t be shy….share away!

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