She Was Forced To Perform Confusing Tricks & Live In This Tiny Cage. But Now? OMG


When we picture bears, we imagine majestic creatures that are able to roam the countryside with impunity. We imagine them sidling up to lakes and rivers, looking for fresh fish to eat and sleeping under the stars. We certainly do not picture them spending ten years of their life confined to a cage.

While this is certainly no life for a bear, this is exactly what Fifi’s early existence entailed. Not only was she forced to live in a cage, but she was also made to perform confusing tricks for rude crowds and treated terribly during the process. Why someone would want to pen a creature like this away is beyond us.
Seeing a bear look this sad makes your heart go out to poor Fifi. Instead of getting to enjoy a fun life, spent out in the wilderness, she’s left caged up, with no hope for the future. Her pitiful face says it all and conveys the true desperation of her situation more than words ever could.

The first ten years of her life were spent in a cage and she would remain captive for nearly 30 years. We cannot begin to imagine the psychological toll that this would take on a person, let alone a bear who does not know any better and has no idea why they are being trapped against their will.

For roughly 20 years, Fifi lived on a concrete slab, inside of a dingy, rusted cage. When the good people at PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary met her, her weight had dwindled to a shockingly low number and she was suffering from arthritis that had yet to be treated by any of her so called “care takers”.

After her rescue, she was transported to a lovely facility in Colorado, where she would finally be able to live the life that she had always dreamed about. To find out more about this amazing rescue and what took place once Fifi was freed from her cage, be sure to watch the remainder of this astonishing video.
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Fifi experienced a great blessing when PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary took an interest in her story, but there are many other wild animals being held in captivity that are not so fortunate. Please pass this story along to your animal lover friends and loved ones, so that awareness can be spread about these deplorable conditions and more animals can avoid Fifi’s fate.

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