She Was On Death Row! Now Watch Her Reaction When One Family Arrives to Save Her.


This story is about a shelter dog who was facing seemingly insurmountable odds. She was living in a high intake center, one that was typically at maximum capacity. As a result, many of the animals who reside there end up being euthanized. This dog’s name is Aimee and Aimee is a pit bull mix.

Pit bulls tend to fight an uphill battle when it comes time to find a forever home. Pit bulls have a reputation for being scary, violent and difficult to consider. Families with small children will usually opt for a different breed and the vast majority of those who readily adopt shelter dogs walk right past them without a second glance.

To make matters worse, Aimee’s face and ears both show significant signs of scarring. When people see a pit bull with clear signs of wear and tear, they immediately head in the opposite direction. Fair or unfair, we often associate pit bulls with the practice of dog fighting and seeing a pit bull with scars serves to make them even more intimidating to the layperson.

After all, what family wants to bring a scary, hulking animal with scars into their loving home? Rescue pit bulls like Aimee are essentially waiting to die in most cases.

Luckily for Aimee, one family decided to grant her a reprieve. She received a stay of execution when the family in this story chose to adopt her and the look on her face will certainly melt your heart. Pit bulls can be frightening, but they are just like any other breed of dog. They require love and compassion and provide boundless loyalty in return.

All it took was the selfless actions of one special family to turn Aimee’s whole life around. Aimee went from a hopeless existence to a loving forever home in one fell swoop. As you can see, she is so very excited about the prospect of having people to share her love and enthusiasm with, she cannot contain herself.

A heartfelt thank you to this family for adopting Aimee and kudos to those who take the time to give dogs who are forced to live in shelters a much needed second chance. We are all very grateful to you and hope that you continue to do so.

Please share this story with your friends and family, so that awareness can continue to be raised about the plight of dogs just like Aimee.


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