She Was Adopted 4 Years Ago. Now Watch As A Familiar Face Comes Through The Door.


One of the more unfortunate side effects to having a large litter of puppies is that precious few of them will be able to stay together. Most families do not have the room on hand to take on an entire litter and as a result, they are scattered around to a variety of different homes in the area.

But what happens when puppies that were separated from one another during the early stages are suddenly reunited when they are older? While some would express a certain level of skepticism when it comes to the dogs being able recognize each other, the pups in this video are about to put this theory to the test.
The couple in this clip went and adopted a dog from the local animal shelter four years ago. The litter that they chose from was affectionately known as the “Adams Family”, as all eight of them were given a name from the fictional Addams Family. Pubert was the one who got chosen by the aforementioned couple and while she was sad to leave her brothers and sisters behind, the prospect of a forever home was far too good to pass up.

The Pubert name didn’t stick for too long, though, as the couple renamed her Samo when they finally got her home. Samo has enjoyed a great life with her new parents and she is definitely growing up fast. She’s frolicked in the snow, enjoyed several birthdays and has been a great addition to the household.

But it has been four long years since Samo has been able to hang out with her siblings. Her parents organized a reunion, so that she could meet with her brothers and sisters for the first time since they were initially separated from one another. To see how this reunion turned out, you’ll need to watch the full video, so that you can take in this incredibly special moment with your own eyes. We promise you, it is well worth your while!
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You just might need to have a few tissues handy, though, as all of this adorableness could be hard to handle. After you’ve finished watching the clip, take a moment to spread the love and pass it along to the dog aficionados in your life. Share it with your closest friends and loved ones and post it on your favorite social media hubs, so that your Facebook friends and Twitter followers can enjoy this touching reunion, as well.

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