She Wants A Kiss From The Dog, But In Just A Few Seconds… LOL!


Dog owners everywhere can surely relate to this video. How many times have we turned to our beloved pets for a little bit of love and affection, only to have them turn around and show us a complete and total disregard for our personal hygiene. A clip like this will definitely make you think twice before trying to give your dog a kiss anytime soon.

While some of us love to give our dogs lots of kisses, there are others who cannot understand why a pet owner would let their dog lick their faces and these types of videos provide the skeptics with all of the ammunition that they need. The mother in the video certainly looks like she regretted her decision almost immediately.

When the video begins, she is all puckered up and ready to give her puppy pal plenty of smooches. By the end of it, she is recoiling in horror as a room full of people laugh uproariously at her discomfort. How did something so simple go so wrong, so quickly? From the looks of it, Mom either has bad timing or the dog planned out its attack beforehand.

The clip looks as if it will be a garden variety ‘mommy kisses puppy’ show, but this video comes with a major plot twist. Just as Mom is ready to receive her smooches from her doggy, the dog has a sudden sneezing fit and Mom catches the full brunt of it. The look on the woman’s face is priceless, as she realizes the full gravity of her decision.

To make matters worse, she was already fully showered and scrubbed. This clip seems to take place close to bedtime and we feel confident in saying that the last thing she wanted to do before bed is take a second shower to clean all of the dog sneeze remnants off of her face. She will definitely long and hard before trying to kiss this pup again, that much is certain.
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Did you laugh at this clip as much as we did? Did you find this woman’s discomfort to be very amusing? Then you’ll want to pass this hysterical video along to the dog lovers in your life, especially those who love to ask their pooch for kisses. Chances are high that they will reconsider their approach after checking out this clip. Be sure to spread the love and share away!

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