She Walked Into The Barn But NEVER Expected To See This! LOL


For animal enthusiasts, it’s always a delight to see the animal of their fancy. Dog lovers always enjoy seeing a dog that’s either enjoying him or herself, or the exuberance of a puppy. For cat lovers, just about everything cats do not only mystify them, but is fairly amusing. For many people, there’s just a general delight in seeing the animal they like generally.

For animal lovers, period, it is always seeing an animal doing something so out of character that makes us stop and look: the squirrel that’s cuddling up to a German Shepherd, perhaps. Or the raccoon that had decided that a box belongs to him.
For one rancher, it was a moment of unforgettable hilarity for her and her horse, Rocky. Imagine walking into the barn one fine morning to see Rocky the horse; as amiable as ever, waiting for the morning allotment of hay and feed for breakfast. That’s a normal picture.

Save the rooster that was affixed firmly to the top of his head. As calm as every day, Rocky stands there, the rooster calmly nesting on the top of his head, moving every so often to find a warm spot? Get comfortable? There are other questions that will surely be asked. How did the chicken get up there? Did it start at the bottom and work its way to the top? Was Rocky feeling that top of his head was cold, and decided to let the chicken up? Did the chicken want to actually look into the farmer’s eyes at a level other than up?

It is funny to think of what exactly transpired to let the horse agree to the fowl resting on his head (and believe, it was a choice the horse had), and that one has to wonder how long the chicken was there before the farmer came about the odd couple. Whether it be that it’s a budding friendship or a moment of mere cooperation between species is something to be observed.

But as anybody can attest, interspecies friendships are always something of a surprise; and if you look closely at it, a humbling parable to the harmony species’ other than humans can achieve. it’s probably time we all learned a lesson from them. Or at least take the time to remember that we are all on this planet together. That our world is finite, we have to ensure not only our own survival, but survival of all of it inhabitants.

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