She Tricks Mom Into Doing This On Stage, Now Watch Daddy On The Right


Kraft Peanut Butter helped make a children’s book about a much appreciated mom. Deborah the mom had no idea what was about to happen when she read the children’s book out loud. Watch this video and see what happens with help from children’s author Paulette Bourgeois.
Deborah is a very busy mom with two little girls, Sadie and Molly. She is also an event planner who runs her own business. Her Husband Warren is a busy accountant working all the time so Deborah is the one who holds things together. Deborah is the glue that holds the family together.

The Kraft company approached Warren to see if he was interested in doing a project that would show how much the family really appreciated the mom. Warren was so onboard with the idea. First Kraft set up a meeting with Bourgeois the children’s author and Warren and the daughters.

Warren, Sadie and Molly created all the memories and details from the past to create a real children’s storybook. Bourgeois comes up with a great story about a fun memory machine. The storybook even has comic like pictures of the family, what a great idea. It looks just like other children’s storybooks except you can see it is really illustration characters of her family.

What happens next is a big surprise for Deborah. Deborah is tricked into thinking she is making a documentary for her family. She is asked to read the story out loud to a big crowd including her two daughters and Warren. This is a great idea by Kraft and it works so nice.

Watch this video and you will see this story unfold about a memory-making machine. Watch as Deborah starts reading the children’s storybook aloud and flipping through the pages not knowing what is going to happen next as she flips through the pages.

The proud mom starts reading about a cool memory-making machine and how the machine runs on all her great management and love she gives the family. The mom realizes that the children’s story is all about her. How she is the key ingredient in the quirky machine. Her reaction to finding out the story is really about her and how much she is loved by her family is overwhelming. The reaction of her family in the audience is priceless but beware a real tear-jerker .

This is such a great idea by Kraft and Paulette Bourgeois. The story is so original and fun. The reactions by the family members are really quite overwhelming. This is a beautiful family and now Deborah knows she is really appreciated. It is so fun to watch how they created this children’s storybook. They are a busy family and it is great to see a great company like Kraft help them out.

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