She Took An Old Tire And Buried It In The Backyard. When She Was Done–A DIY Oasis!


Want to make a pond in your backyard. This can be done thanks to homesthetics. With a few tools and some basic materials you can have your own little zen pond garden. This peaceful pond can be created to relax and enjoy. Look at these simple pictures and how to steps and you can create a great little pond. Check out these great step by step pictures to see how to create these small ponds.

The materials include:

Old car and tractor tires

Rocks of different sizes

Tarp material

3 buckets of sand gravel

Pond Filter



A tool to level the sand

1-They created several ponds in this example to make a little water garden. Use some old tires to create your holes for the pond. Use the shovel to dig the holes wide enough so the tire will fit into the ground. Use the tire as a template. Make sure to level out the hole and put some sand gravel in the bottom.
2-Put the tire in the hole and cover with the tarp material and fill with water. Add the filter and even fish if you like.
3-Surround the pond with rocks and other decorative items creating a garden and pond effect. This DIY pond was brought to you by Homesthetics.
Have fun creating your own little zen garden. Add whatever plants or things you enjoy. The combination of ponds and garden foliage make this a restful spot to come and enjoy some peaceful time.

This little series of ponds really turned out great! It looks so professional and really was not to hard to make. Check out these beautiful pictures of everything coming together to create these one of a kind ponds. By using these tires you are recycling and making the environment a better place.

Check out how beautiful all these picture are of these recycled ponds all made from tires. When I look at these pictures it is amazing how nice this really turns out. It looks so professional and well done. The folks at Homesthetics did such a wonderful job at creating these functional works of art. Looking at some of the progression pictures I see such a beautiful and new looking creation. This is amazing that it was created from some old tires. It just looks so great!

Who would have thought you could create something so nice from a bunch of old tires. Love this creation by this great company Homesthetics. This seems like something you could build on the weekend pretty easily. Following these steps in these pictures looks like a great way to build an inexpensive pond with garden.

Just follow these step by step pictures to make your own zen pond garden. The good thing about this is you won’t have to spend a lot of money on creating this pond. You won’t have to spend too much time creating this either as it can be done on a weekend.

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