She Thinks This Looks Attractive, But I Couldn’t Disagree More. See The Rest Of Her 4 Photos HERE…


In today’s day and age, it is difficult to be shocked by what a person will do for some additional attention. Whether it’s wacky tattoos, unconventional piercings or cosmetic surgery, most of us are probably desensitized to these sorts of stunts by now. However, what this lady has decided to do to herself defies all logic and takes attention seeking to a whole new level.
The choice that she made is shocking to see and makes you stop to wonder what direction the world is headed in. Her name is Mayra Hilla and while chest enhancements have become an accepted part of modern society, what she has done will boggle the mind and quite possibly disgust you in the process, if you are anything like me.

Mayra’s breast augmentation dwarfs that of the average woman and she is a self-proclaimed plastic surgery addict. She is a model from Germany and has decided to add new layers to the blonde, busty, blue eyed stereotype. According to some, her latest enhancements have expanded her bust to the point where it has become the largest in the world.

Mayra’s measurements? 59-28-36! It is a wonder that she can even tote her enhanced chest around with her everywhere without experiencing crippling pain in her back. In order to achieve this feat, she has allowed herself to be injected with nearly ten thousand CC’s of saline. Her bust line now accounts for at least 40 pounds of added weight.
And of course, after all of the time, money and effort spent on her new look, Mayra is certainly not shy about placing her bust on display for a variety of onlookers. If you are curious about her new look, take a look at some of the photos below. The biggest mystery of all is how Mayra found a doctor who was willing to perform the procedure in the first place.

While there are some out there who will find Mayra’s look to be stunning, the vast majority are going to be horrified. Her story should serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of excessive cosmetic surgery and be a reminder to women everywhere that they are beautiful just the way they are. Unfortunately for Mayra, she did not heed this lesson until it was far too late for her to turn back.

Mayra may believe that she is making herself more attractive, but from my perspective, these alterations are far from necessary and she is not allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Cosmetic procedures are great for those who are truly in need, but unfortunately, there are some who simply cannot get enough. Mayra’s story should serve as a warning sign to those who are considering unnecessary cosmetic surgeries.

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