She Tells Her Son To Back Up. Now Watch What The Deer Does…


We all know deer to be skittish creatures. When they hear threatening sounds, like the approach of a car or a human, they generally cease what they are doing and cock their heads in anticipation. If the sound does in fact indicate some sort of danger, they run like the wind.

This video, however, defies everything we assume we know about deer behavior. Watch what happens when a deer called “Momma” conquers her fear and approaches a young boy who is holding an apple. The results will surprise you.

For the safety of Momma and other deer in the area, some of the people in the community have raised concerns about what might happen to the deer if they get too comfortable with humans. The concerns are without merit because this video was shot in a residential area that doesn’t allow hunting, which is why no action was taken against the family that welcomed the deer into the backyard. Momma seems to know this family personally. Just because she trusts them does not mean that she trusts every human.

Apparently, this deer dubbed Momma has been coming to the house at the same time every day, which is from three to five PM. Though we all know deer to be skittish, this does not mean that they are dumb. Momma has learned to trust the young boy through a process of trial and error. She didn’t get shot the first time she approached, or the second, or the third, so therefore it must be safe.

Some of her deer friends don’t feel the same way, however. Unlike Momma, they are content to watch instead of partake in the eating of apples. Even though they don’t hop the fence, they still show a surprising amount of trust. They don’t flee or try to warn Momma, they just stand calmly and watch.

Near the end of the video, Momma allows the boy’s father to approach her as well. It seemed easy for Momma to trust the boy because he was non-threatening. It is surprising to watch the much larger man approach, however, because Momma keeps her cool as if he wasn’t even there. It seems that Momma has thrown a blanket of trust over the backyard.

While she is there she is safe, no matter whether a small boy approaches her or a large man does. This video is truly astonishing and heartwarming.

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