She Takes The Makeup Off This Doll And The Results Are Just Stunning!


What initially was just a simple hobby has transformed into a fully-fledged project that went viral quickly. The main reason behind why this became viral is definitely the fact that people like something different, unique that stands out of the crowd.

In the world of toys, there are some massive beauty standards that few manufacturers are actually trying to implement upon, instead most want to play it safe. This is what made the doll project so amazing, because not only all the dolls are processed manually, but the extra care and attention can be seen in the final result which has astounded people.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.38.06 PM

You can clearly see why this went viral, because this project is done with passion, love and fervor. Check out this unique and passionate video about how a stunning new doll comes to life from something that until yesterday was good to be recycled. This is a great project well worth of your attention!
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