She Takes The Stage With Her Dog And A Broom. What They Do Next Will Amaze You!


The animal kingdom is truly amazing with all sorts of breeds and species that have all sorts of talents and can do amazing things. There are no shortages of dogs who have learned some great tricks over the years, but Chandi The Dancing Dog rises above the rest. A sweet rescued mutt with a beautiful white and grey coat, Chandi The Dancing Dog has an amazing routine that will have you cheering and giving a standing ovation, right alongside the judges from her Britain’s Got Talent audition!

Tina is Chandi’s owner and trainer, but she’s also her hero. Chandi has so much love in her eyes and heart for Tina for rescuing her and lovingly teaching her an incredible dancing routine. With just a broom, a ballet bar, and Tina, Chandi performs an amazing act like you’ve never seen before.
Chandi dances across the stage of Britain’s Got Talent with no fear and the gracefulness of a ballerina. She is the most talented animal of her kind and she does it all to please her master and to delight her audiences. Chandi has worked very hard learning and practicing her dance routine. Her steps are perfectly in sync with Tina’s and with the music as well. She’s a natural born dancer.

Chandi’s life has not always been dancing, duets, and delightfulness. There was a time when Chandi was not owned and not wanted. Her life could have ended during this time, but Tina came along lovingly to take her under her wing. Tina saved Chandi’s life, and Chandi knows it.

Watch the way Chandi looks lovingly at Tina as they’re preforming her routine. Chandi does not become phased or focused on the audience, she does not look at her feet during the dance, she simply keeps her eyes on her master and savior who every once in a while slips her a treat for being such a good girl.

The judges are stunned by this gorgeous performance. You’ve never seen anything like this talented little rescue dog who dances across the stage with dainty footsteps and perfect timing. They even give her a standing ovation!
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Chandi The Dancing Dog is an inspirational little pup who shows us that with just a little bit of love and care and a whole lot of heart, even dogs can dance! Chandi will go on and continue to compete in her competition to win the hearts of people all across the world. Her audition video has already gone viral, and once you see it, you will see why!

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