She Stick A Rainbow Mess Into The Oven. Minutes Later- WOW!


People get sad, that’s just something natural. We get sad because some events end up damaging us on the inside and sadness is our way to react to that. There are a lot of ways to cure sadness besides just waiting for it go away. We can actually help time throw the sadness away, so we should always do it whenever we can.
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We can always cure sadness with sweets. We just feel better whenever we eat sweet stuff. Another thing that cheers us up is to see a lot of colors. Colors are happy, that’s why we love them so much. We can combine these two and make rainbow cakes, but everyone knows about them. Plus, you can’t really eat one whole cake at a time.

Well, Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio gives us a solution to this problem, as she shows us step by step how to make a rainbow cupcake inside a mason jar. The advantage of them being cupcakes is that you can actually eat the whole thing at once, so you’ll feel better since you did accomplish finishing your meal, even though you are sad.

To make these beautiful rainbow cupcakes you are going to need a few ingredients. Basically, you are going to need some cake batter (duh) and some buttercream. In the video they show us their homemade buttercream and cake batter, but you can use another type of cake batter. You are also going to need food coloring, representing the colors of the rainbow and some rainbow sprinkles.

Then you are going to need to place the cake batter into a few bowls and then just color the divide batter individually, using different spoons, so that you don’t mix your colors. You will need to mix the batter with the food coloring well in order to make sure it is evenly distributed.

Then you need to place the batter inside a pastry bag. Use one pastry bag per each color so that you don’t mix your colors. Then you need to grab your jar and fill it up with layer color by color, so that you can then bake the cake and turn it into a rainbow beauty. You can’t fill it up too much, so that you then can have space for the buttercream as well.

When the cupcakes are baked, you are going to place some buttercream on top of them, and then you are going to add those rainbow sprinkles on top of the jars. Then, all you are going to need to do is eat your sadness away in these jars. For more details on how to make them, make sure to watch the video carefully and take notes!

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