She Starts To Perform With Her Dog, But Keep Your Eye On The Grey Door. I Gasped!


The popular European show Britain’s Got Talent held in 2015 saw a skillful dog Matisse and its 48-year-old handler, Jules O’Dwyer emerge as first place winners. Currently in its ninth series this kind of exceptional trick act performed by a British dog has never been experienced on the Britain’s Got Talent Show before. Although, Ashleigh and Pudsey (winners of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012) performed the first dog act, it was never of this sort.

Jules O’ Dwyer & Matisse who both hail from Blackpool England performed exceptionally well with a border collie at the auditioning for the Britain’s Got Talent in its ninth series. Taking the role of a dog catcher, O’Dwyer trailed Matisse who was acting as a stray dog.

They got into the semifinals on the 23rd of May and further into the final which was held on the 30th of the same month. The act which was performed as a story showcased several canine freestyle tricks from Matisse. Acting as a sausage thief, Matisse acted along side with O’Dwyer (his handler) who was dressed as a policewoman.

Matisse exhibited several skillful tricks which include walking on two paws (hind legs), posing for a police self search like a human, running and hiding from arrest in waste bins. However, the most unique display of all stunts was his jail break act.

After Matisse arrest and subsequent jail lock, a glass shattering sound was heard and Matisse was seen escaping through a small window at the top and walking on a high tightrope through which he made his way into another building.

These actions were not only exceptional but captivating. It stole viewers’ attention. Jules who was determined to capture the sausage thief – Matisse choreographed perfectly well with the whole scenario. Matisse’s stunts were excellent as he played along hilariously.

Also notable, was the way and manner Matisse was cheerfully and confidently getting along. He was perfect at his role and never acted as an amateur but proved his exceptional character. As the play went on, every moment was inspirationally educating even when Skippy – an handicapped dog with only three legs – was unexpectedly seen on stage, the actions of Matisse was immediately understood. No wonder, the crowd could not hold back its cheers and applauses when the show hit its climax.

That night, Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse were declared winners after earning 22.6% of the total votes cast. The awesome performance presented by the dogs and their handler earned them a total votes of about five million. As a result of their outstanding performance, they were given a sum of £250,000, which also came along with an uncommon privilege of rendering a performance at the Royal Variety Performance.

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