She Saw A Helpless Baby Stumbling Down The Road. But Then? I Can’t Believe It.


It’s a sad reality, but hundreds, if not thousands, of horses are sent to their death every single year. Many of these beautiful, majestic creatures do not receive the opportunity to live a full, interesting life. However, there is hope for the future, a light at the end of the tunnel for horses. In Riverview, Florida, the local horse rescue got a call from a concerned party one day. This person had seen a mother horse and her baby locked inside of a cramped stall, with no ability to ever get out and stretch their legs. The mother and her baby finally became fed up with their living arrangements and broke out of the stall one day.

The citizen who placed the call to the RVR horse rescue saw the baby horse, who had been left behind and was struggling to make its way down the road. The neighbor took a picture of the staggering baby, who was suffering from severe neglect. It was clear that the baby horse had not eaten recently and unless immediate intervention took place, the horse would not continue to live.

Once the rescue team was contacted, they knew that the horse’s life depended on their ability to act quickly. The mother horse and her child were low on strength from their imprisonment inside of the stall and were running on fumes. After the baby had been located, the rescue team decided to name him Timmy.

Timmy could barely walk by the time he was found. The prognosis was bleak for Timmy initially and it looked as if he would pass away. Thanks to the efforts of the diligent rescue team, Timmy and his mother were able to recover from the wounds inflicted by their careless former owners.

This video is bound to be a true tearjerker, especially for those who truly love animals and love to see them frolicking happily. After everything Timmy and his mother have been through, it is great to see them enjoying their lives again, fully healthy. Even someone who does not care about animals at all will end up feeling that familiar tug at their heart strings.

The soft hearts among us are not going to be able to make it through their first viewing (or quite possibly the second) without breaking down into tears. The mother horse and her baby have been through more than most people have in a lifetime and seeing them make it past their ordeal and triumph stirs up emotions inside all of us.

Lovers of horses and animals in general should definitely share this video with their friends. If they can make it through a viewing without breaking down into tears, more power to them.

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