She Saved This Poor Dog – But Her Words Left Me In Tears


Theresa Strader saw Lily, an Italian greyhound who had been confined to life in a cage for her first seven years on the planet. All she ever wanted was to have puppies, but her health and nourishment were severely neglected. Theresa would not stand for this treatment and she decided to take a stand. Watching this clip and hearing her touching words should bring tears to your eyes, as it did to mine.
Lily’s rescue inspired her to compose a letter and the contents are certainly eye opening. Theresa speaks about the horrors that she witnessed when she rescued Lily, about seeing dozens of dogs enclosed in a wire confine, many of them too fearful to even make eye contact with Theresa.

She speaks about how terrible it felt to see these dogs suffer, how she could not sleep at night after the atrocities that she saw with her own two eyes. If only everyone cared about the welfare of animals as much as Theresa Strader did, the world would be a much safer place for them to live in.

Seeing these dogs in a state of sadness and fear clearly touched Theresa in a special way. She cannot make it through her hand written letter without losing her composure and allowing a few tears to fall and audience members will be hard pressed not to break down and cry along with her.

When Theresa first obtained Lily, she was known as Swift Motion, which was cruelly ironic, considering that Lily was too weak and terrified to muster up much energy to run. She simply did not have the strength in her legs to truly enjoy the art of sprinting.

Once Theresa rescued the dog, she changed her name and cut off the restrictive collar she had been forced to wear, replacing it with a softer, gentler model. Lily had a missing lower jaw when she was found, in addition to several of the other dogs that Theresa had found. She was perplexed as to how this could have happened to so many of the dogs and wondered if their owner ever cared enough to check up on them.

She also wondered how many of the other dogs had died as a result of this horrific mistreatment. Thankfully for Lily, she was finally adopted by a family who truly cares about her well being. Lily was finally able to learn how to be a part of a family and to spend time with those who genuinely cared for her.

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Although Lily never learned how to run and play, she was still able to change the lives of this family forever. If you were as touched by this clip as I was, be sure to share it with your Facebook friends.

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