She Reunites A Horse With His Old Friend. Now Watch The Horse In Red….Watch What Happens


This little video shows that horses have great memories for former companions and they demonstrate what people would call love and affection for fellow animals that they have been separated from for quite a long period of time.
The owner is walking Arthur to the field where Harry and William now live. She says that Arthur has never seen the field before and that William is usually “very bossy” and dominant to other horses he is exposed to that he does not know. She expects the horses to recognize each other but she does not expect what happens at all.
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William, Arthur, and Harry (all horses) were raised together for a little more than a year by their owner, a British horse woman originally from Dorset and now in East Sussex. Arthur had to be sold to support the other animals during the recession in Britain. The owner bought Arthur back in 2012.
You need to understand that the horses have been separated from each other for four and a half years and that Arthur has never seen the field that his former chums are in. The lady that owns the horses says she tries to keep her animals in as free-range an environment as possible so they can live like they would in the wild. People that do not know horses might be confused by the blankets. It is wet and cool in East Sussex at night and in the morning and blankets help protect the animals from the cold.

The lady lets Arthur into the field and Arthur immediately trots up to William and Harry. The horses nose each other for a few moments, nuzzle each other’s sides and neck a little, and take off for a brief trot around the field. The animals nuzzle a bit more and then all have a group roll. It is extremely obvious that the animals recognize each other even though they were separated at about one year of age and have not seen each other for more than four years.

There is more nuzzling, more group trotting, and they finish it off with a heel kick. The horses are obviously delighted to be back together.

The owner is gobsmacked (That is Brit speak for stunned.). She really cannot believe that the animals have taken to each other immediately just like they had never been separated.

The lady’s face just says how much she is astonished at how much the horses love each other and remember each other. She comments that the animals are celebrating their reunion. The video bears out what she says.

Some scientists claim that animals do not have the mental capacity to love. The video evidence of these three horses begs to differ. If these animals do not love each other and have a fond memory of each other then, William and Harry would defend their territory but they do not. The two horses greet their childhood companion and celebrate his home coming.

The video is really heartwarming and irrefutable evidence that horses do love each other.

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