She Refuses To Lead Audience In Prayer, And Does THIS Instead. I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Stand up comedy is one of the more enjoyable forms of entertainment that we can agree upon as a society, but what do you do when you head to a invocation for a new senior home, only to have an impromptu stand up comedy set break out? If you’re anything like this audience, you simply sit back and enjoy the show.
The couple who began this new senior center invited their old buddy Mary Maxwell, a longtime friend of the family, to deliver their invocation as they opened their new venture. Her speech was meant to touch on Home Instead Senior Care and give praise to the amazing couple who took time out of their lives to ensure the safety of seniors.

However, the audience at this invocation got a whole lot more than they bargained for. Her appearance deceived many audience members and viewers of the clip would be forgiven for believing that they were about to watch another sweet old lady leading a large group of people in prayer.

Mary stepped up to the mic, poised to deliver a speech filled with praise and blessings for her friends. Instead, she decides to put her own little spin and ends up absolutely crushing it. Once her speech began, it was clear that this was not going to be your everyday ordinary invocation.

As she veered off the script and began to make a series of jokes about the aging process, each one more spot on than the next, it becomes clear to the audience what is happening. Mary has hijacked this invocation and turned it into a stand up comedy hour, much to the delight of onlookers.

Her timing is so impeccable, you would think she had learned from the greats. Her diminutive stature and stereotypical old woman appearance allows her jokes to pack an extra punch. She shed light on a variety of quirks and foibles of the aging process and her deadpan delivery gives the jokes a chance to breathe and hit that much harder.

The audience is doubled over in laughter by the end of the speech, as her jokes hit that sweet spot between truthful observation and hilarious joke again and again. While the couple who asked Mary to deliver the invocation may or may not have seen this coming, they were certainly enjoying themselves throughout her “set”.

Mary is living proof that a senior does not have to let their age define who they are, that they are only as old as they feel. We will all be fortunate if we can age with a fraction of Mary’s good humor and grace. If this clip made you laugh as much as I did, feel free to share it with your social media buddies!

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