She Refused To Euthanize Her. The REASON? This Puppy Proves To Be A Miracle!


From a physical point of view, Ruby looks adorably unique with a cleft palate and lip, however, you won’t believe that this rare trait almost claimed her life at the beginning. Due to this disability, three different vet doctors recommended that euthanasia should be performed on her because her chance of survival was slim.

At birth, it was difficult for Ruby to nurse from her mother as a result of the problem, however, when she could finally gain access to milk, she became very sick with pneumonia because it leaked into her lungs. Ruby was only 5 days old when she was given up to the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation to be taken care of.

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This organization has a reputation for helping animals with serious medical conditions. It was at this point that doctors advised that she should be quietly put down because she became severely malnourished coupled with pneumonia she had already got that resulted into aspiration.


It was at the doctor’s office that her foster mom, Jenn Clayton realized that Ruby was determined to fight her way through when she lifted her head and sucked on her finger. At this point, Jenn was willing to keep her alive at all cost not minding what doctors had said. She took it upon herself to feed the little girl through a feeding tube the nutritious meals and antibiotics needed to keep her healthy.

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At first, the little girl was often afraid to hold the tube whenever it was introduced to her, nevertheless, her quest for survival made her learn quickly how to make use of it and within few weeks started growing healthy.


This process of feeding lasted for about four months until Ruby became strong and old enough for surgery. Fortunately, the cleft palate hole found in Ruby’s mouth was successfully fixed and since then she had been eating well and growing strong. After the surgery, she started eating real dog food and ever since, she has not stopped eating while growing strong and happy day by day.


Although Ruby was never expected to live for long due to the severe birth defects that accompanied her, today the fighter dog has proven everyone wrong and has lived past a year now and is still standing strong.


Today, this Miraculous Pit puppy that could not eat a thing at the initial stage, has grown to become the happiest rescue dog around with numerous friends around the world.


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