She Notices Her Friend Has Been Captured. But What Happens Next Is What You’ll Want To See.


Hope for paws organization got a call from the neighborhood about two abandoned Pit bulls which were living in a truck yard. A lot of the people in the neighborhood were feeding them daily, but didn’t know how to help them further. That’s when hope for paws came in to rescue them with volunteers from the UK, Australia, USA and Costa Rica.

When they got to the truck yard, they found the dogs hiding under trucks and they brought a small mobile fence to barricade the yard. When they succeeded in sealing off the property, they were escorted into the yard by the owner of the premises.

Two volunteers joined the rescuer inside the yard while the remaining volunteers manned the forte outside.

They first went for the male pit bull and he was calm, but he was scared and ran away from them. He was so afraid that he began to shake and one of the volunteers managed to catch him with the stick. They were immediately able to pacify him by playing with him and petting him. In no time, they could put a leash on him and tie it to the fence while they catch the female pit bull. She put up a fight and kept out running the volunteers. They followed her as she ran to her friend who was already on a leash and was afraid that he had been caught. This was when she began to give up hope of escaping. She ran under the truck and stayed Stull so that they could catch her as well. She immediately became calm and allowed them to pet her head and put a leash on her.

They had to drag her out from under the truck, but began to pet her immediately they brought her out. They also took her to her friend so she could be sure that they have no plans of hurting her.

The dogs were named Lois and Clark. They took Lois first and put her in one car and placed Clark in another car.
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After 45 minutes, they all met at the hospital and they were excited to see each other again. After a short while and plenty love and care, both pets began to come out of their shells. They were always kept together and the organization hopes to get them adopted together into a single family to keep them together.

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