She Mixed Graham Crackers And Brown Sugar To Make Something DELICIOUS In A Mason Jar!


If you’re anything like me, cheesecake is one of your favorite desserts of all time, as well. Cheesecake is not only delicious, but there are also a variety of ways that it can be made. With so many varieties of cheesecake to choose from, a person could eat it every single day, without ever getting sick of it.
Lovers of cheesecake are going to enjoy this recipe greatly, as it provides them with a whole new way to enjoy one of their favorites. The best part of all? You do not need to wait in order to bake it, thanks to Kristina Werner and her no bake method. All you need to make this cheesecake are the ingredients and a mason jar.

Kristina’s recipe utilizes fruit and other preserves in order to give the cheesecake a much healthier overall taste. By adding these items, it also gives the cheesecake a much fruitier after taste and adds the perfect complement to the cheesecake’s velvet textures. Since there is no need to bake the cheesecake, it is ready much faster than other varieties of the dessert.

With so many people who are constantly on the go, videos like these help them to continue enjoying the same quality of cuisine that they would be able to enjoy if they had the time to stay home and cook all day long. Your desserts do not have to fall by the wayside and you can still have a great cheesecake, even if you do not have time to bake.

This clip provides you with an easy tutorial on how to make cheesecake in a mason jar. In less than seven minutes, you can learn how and also show your friends and family how it is done while you are at it. Not only does this video equip you with the skills needed to create a no bake cheesecake in a mason jar, but it also helps you to save valuable time and money.

Simply put, we do not have the time that we used to have to make great desserts, to whup up yummy concoctions just because we are in the mood for them. Thanks to helpful videos like this one from Kristina, we can now make the foods we like, without the same investment of time and resources.

Did you watch this video and enjoy Kristina’s helpful tips on how to create a delicious cheesecake dessert by using a mason jar? If so, be sure to check out her other videos, where she provides recipes for salads that can also be made within a mason jar. Share this video with your friends on social media and pass it on to as many of your fellow cheesecake lovers as possible.

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