She Meets Him In The Middle Of The Dance Floor Holding A Sign That Leaves Everyone Cheering!


Every now and then, you hear stories that truly touch your heart, and remind you about the good in the world. This is one of those stories.
James is led into the school gym at Glenelg High School. James has Down syndrome. He follows enthusiastically into a gymnasium that is packed. He is greeted by a large group of his peers, who were all along the boundaries of the basketball court.

He looks a bit confused, and it is no wonder, because he is not sure of the occasion. The students began to chant, and James decides to break out some impressive dance moves. He makes the assumption that he was summoned us to show off his dancing, so he shakes it in the middle of the gymnasium.

All of a sudden, the real reason for the gathering is made known. Maisy, one of his dear friends, makes her way into the center of the gymnasium with the sign in her hand.

James looks up, and sees the words on the sign. “James, PROM?” The crowd begins to roar with cheers and James says yes very happily. It is one of the sweetest sights I have ever seen.

This prom proposal is going to touch your heart. It only lasts for about two minutes, and just shows how humanity can be restored with a simple gesture.

All of his peers seem to be so supportive of James, even before Maisy and her sign appears. He dances to everyone singing the school song. Maisy, who does not have Down syndrome, wanted to go to prom with one of her best friends. This is so touching that she would choose James. The girl is blonde and attractive – and probably could have gotten any of the guys at her school to go to prom with her. Instead, she looked past the boy with Down syndrome and found her friend.

This is truly amazing, and I have watched the video several times. Each time, as soon as she starts to come out with the sign, I start to tear up. You can tell that she is genuinely happy to be asking him to prom, and some people even take photos after he has knotted and agreed to go with her. The two of them pose for a photo, and she leaned in closer to him, with a big smile on her face.

If you feel like your faith in humanity needs to be restored, this viral video is going to be exactly what you need. After you have seen the prom proposal, you will want to share it with your friends in order to make them feel better about mankind as well. Share now!

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