She Lays Bubble Wrap Over Her Window. When I Saw Why, I Rushed To Buy Some


This simple trick can be used on your windows to keep you warmer and requires only a small investment in time and materials. It also doesn’t require much skill in installing it. The material that can be used for insulation and heat loss is simple bubble wrap! Bubble wrap can be used as an insulation material and you may not have to even pay for that. The bubble wrap can be found in your house or large stores that handle big items like furniture. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing!
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The kind of bubble wrap that is going to work best, is the wrap with the bigger bubbles. Once you find your free materials you’re going to need some simple tools explains “Alaska Granny.” This video shows you how to install the bubble wrap, to save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs in the winter. The procedure can be done by almost anyone in a small amount of time. So watch this short, precise video to help you save!

This video with “Alaska Granny” shows you exactly how to use the bubble wrap as an insulator throughout your house. This procedure can help raise the R-value or insulation factor. The R-value materials work in trapping small amounts of air, stopping the flow of cold air into the building.

The R-value in bubble wrap adds twice as much warmth to your house as you had before. This in turn saves you fifty percent on your heating bill! That is a huge saving using something that is basically recycled. Bubble wrap is everywhere and can be found for free. You are also doing the green thing by recycling material that would just be thrown away. The bubble wrap will also last many years so this is quite a return on investment.

Watch this video and you will learn how to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. The “Alaska Granny” can maybe help you with other projects, so be sure to check out this video so you can follow other links from her.

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