She Holds A Tiny Rescue Baby. When She Realizes The Heartbreaking Truth, She Breaks Down..


We all know the joy it brings to hold a furry animal in our arms, and a baby animal can make that all the more enjoyable. Puppies bring joy, laughter and love into all the lives they enter. Their tiny wet noses always getting into a trouble and making an adorable mess.


Dan Drennan thought that his excellence in the air could be the travel choice for many tiny paws, marrying together two topics dear to his heart. As the amount of mistreated, abandoned and alone pups grows to overwhelm rescue organizations, he battles to find these furry friends their new homes by piloting paths through the air. Follow him in this heart wrenching video of rescue for these small hearts. Dan and his team help these puppies find the warm arms of families welcoming the new editions to their forever homes, developing an attachment to their furry passengers along the way.

One woman in Sutton, West Virginia shows the dire situations the animals are in. Julie Covert’s heart is deeply filled with the love these puppies need, and she too has decided to spend her time helping the dogs find homes. While she knows that the intake of an average month is about a hundred dogs, she also only a few will find homes in the local area. The amount of intake for her shelter far outweighs the outgoing adoptions. She knows the hard reality is that “You can’t save them all” and it is a fact that touches close to her heart.

To help out with these situations, Dan comes to the rescue with his air service, taxi-ing puppies to homes up to 500 miles from their original intake shelters all over the United States. He flies across states picking up the furry passengers in loads on his small plane. Rescues such as Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue welcome Dan with open arms to accept the dogs for adoption in their areas. It is a wonderful thing to hear her mention that most of the puppies and dogs flown in by Dan find home eventually under her and her volunteers loving care.

There are always more trips for Dan to take, and the vast amount of volunteers he and the rescuers welcome get the warming love of the rescue puppies as they strive to bring loving families looking for new members and the dogs together.

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