She Hears Noises Outside And Checks On The Cat. You Won’t BELIEVE What She Sees!


It was a cold snowy day in Alaska, when she heard noises out on the back porch she decided to step outside to see who was ‘calling her’. The owner of two kitties, she decided to go outside to see what the noises were and to check on her two cats.

When she opened the door it became evident the noise wasn’t one of her two cats, as both cats were sitting peacefully on the porch. However, sitting on one porch’s posts is a beautiful and quite unafraid American eagle. Sitting there full of majestic pride, the eagle had been the voice calling her to the porch. But the eagle wasn’t the only visitor awaiting her presence.
Standing on the deck, also with not even a smidgen of anxiousness is an adorable red and white fox. Foxy is unafraid and seems to be asking to follow Suitcase, one of the cats into the house to warm up and get a little break from the cold snowy weather outside. All four animals seem to be unaware this friendship they have struck up is not common nor normal between an eagle, a fox and two domesticated felines.

But this is what makes the video of the unlikely friends so interesting to watch. Watch as the woman discusses the possibility of letting the quiet little fox venture inside as the noble eagle remains perched on the post quietly listening to the conversation. In the background across the street another eagle can be seen perched on a light post. When she asks the fox if he wants to come in she turns to the eagle who almost seems to be slightly shaking his head yes when asked if he wants to come inside too.

It was the eagle that requested the woman’s presence to begin with and perhaps he did so because he knew his friends needed a few moments of warmth. And maybe he just wanted the woman to see how famously the eagle, the little fox and the two cats were getting on.
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Whatever the reason for the eagle’s calling to the woman, this unlikely friendship is something amazing to behold. It just goes to show that even within nature, friendship is not always bound by things like differing cultures or even differences in species. You will be blown away at the lack of fear the eagle and the fox have when the woman comes out onto the porch. Make sure to share this awesome video so others can experience the astounding scenario.

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