She Hears Noises Outside And Checks On The Cat. You Won’t BELIEVE What She Sees!


The life of a pet parent is never easy. Even when fur babies are sent outside to play, they still need supervision and they will usually call for their mom and dad if they feel the need. The cat in this video was calling for mama and you are not going to believe what she finds once she goes outside to check on her pet.

When Mom opens the door, she is not greeted by a cat. Instead, she walks into one of the most picturesque nature scenes we’ve ever seen. “Mr. Eagle” is perched on a post, keeping watch over everything, while a quiet fox looks on. It almost looks like a Disney movie came to life, doesn’t it? Forgive us for waiting for the animals to break into song!
The cats are just hanging out, minding their own business. From the looks of it, the animals were engaged in a deep, thoughtful discussion, until Mom came along to ruin the fun. We wish we could find out exactly what they are plotting out here. Maybe they’re going to throw a surprise party for their mother?

One of the cats, who is named Suitcase, has decided that they have had enough of the outdoors and is taking the opportunity to head back inside, against Mom’s wishes, of course. The fox, not to be outdone, takes this opportunity to ask to come inside, as well. This whole scene is simply too funny and we are willing to bet that this fur parent did not expect all of this to take place when she went outside to check on the noise.

Animals are truly special, because of their ability to befriend one another and ignore each other’s differences. They do not allow their categorizations to determine their friendship and while Suitcase doesn’t seem to care one way or the other, the rest of these animals have formed a tight knit group.

To find out if the fox was able to successfully navigate his way inside or if Suitcase was allowed back into the house before it was time, be sure to watch this hilarious clip in its full entirety. We are certainly jealous of Mom, as she gets to hang out with this cast of characters all the time.
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Pass this video along to your friends and loved ones after you’ve finished wiping away your tears of laughter. They are bound to appreciate this very unique powwow.

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