She Had One Wish. Now WATCH Who Swims Up And Makes Her Dreams Come True!


Loch Lomond was the site of an amazing miracle. The shores of this Scottish territory are where one little girl’s amazing dream came true. Lauren Cosgrove is a very special little girl, but she is also terminally ill. At the tender age of 8, she has already experienced more trials and tribulations than people who are ten times her age.

She was born after a mere 27 weeks in the womb and every moment of her life has been a fight to survive. Not allowing her circumstances to make her become bitter, all she had was one wish: to meet a real, live mermaid. Lauren fancied herself a mermaid, as well, and all she was looking for was one kindred spirit.

The Rays of Sunshine Foundation, in addition to a professional mermaid (who knew such a thing existed?), were more than happy to provide this brave little girl with an opportunity to make her dreams finally come true. Lauren, who was also dressed as a mermaid, went with her family to spend the day checking out the sights at the Sealife Glasgow Aquarium.

Lauren had no inkling of the surprise that was planned for her. Short Bowel Syndrome had her confined to a hospital bed for most of her days and she probably thought her chances of coming across a mermaid in real life were slim to none. Little did she know that Linden Wolbert, a professional mermaid, was not far away.

The little girl and her family made their way to the Loch shore, with Lauren none the wiser. Imagine her shock when Linden turned up at the shore, grinning and waving. Lauren’s dream had finally come true, an occasion that was commemorated with a chat and many pictures. Lauren also received a gorgeous pearl necklace from her new mermaid pal and Linden also asked her to promise to keep in touch.

Lauren’s smile is infectious and it is a testament to Linden’s skills. She works as a professional mermaid and is based out of Los Angeles. She typically does the majority of her work at lavish parties, making this a nice change of pace. Lauren’s battle with Small Bowel Syndrome has left her bedridden for much of her life and due to a partially missing small intestine, she cannot absorb nutrients like a normal child can.

She does not allow her status to take her smile away, which can certainly serve as an inspiration to us all. This little mermaid is still enjoying her life to the fullest.

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