She Found An Abandoned Kitten Inside A Trash Bag, And What She Did Next Brought Me To Tears.


Aline Martins is one of such humans that are inclined to rescue these creatures out of their misery. While walking down the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood with her dog, Aline observed a trash bag moving, and she tried to dismiss it as she felt the wind propelled it, but the animal inside made strange sounds. She unfolded the bag and saw a tiny kitten, drenched in water and in need of adequate care. The weak cat baby made strained meows, and Aline knew she had to save the animal.


She took the cat home and gave it a warm bath. One could see from the bulgy eyes of the kitten that he knew he was home. The baby cat’s furs were standing on end as it lay on its belly and purred satisfactorily. Aline began to feed the kitten with a syringe, and it ate to its fill. The rescued kitten was recovering; he was adapting but didn’t have a name. Immediately after feeding it, Aline called him Davi. In one week, Davi had fully recovered and moved about freely in her house and also ate on his own from his plate.

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Aline is an animal lover. Taking care of these animals is something she enjoys doing. Before she rescued Davi she had a dog and Davi played with the dog afterwards. Davi has someone who cared for him, he was free and safe. He was no longer part of the statistics of abandoned and unsaved animals; he now has a home.

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What could have happened to Davi if Aline had not intervened? Anything could have happened to him. He could have even died. Cats are not harmful but become so when exposed to harsh conditions. That will bring out the vicious part of them. They start behaving like wild animals because they were left to fend for themselves away from a home.


We must ensure that we do not maltreat or abandon any creature we have in our care. Are you tired of raising a cat or dog you purchased? Do not discard it. Do not kill it. Take the animal to an animal care home or even put it up for adoption. Animal lovers would bring them into their homes gladly. However, if you comes across a homeless animal, don’t think it twice; be like Aline. Animal lives matter too.


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