She Falls Asleep On The Beach. But Watch When Her Human Gets Too Close… HILARIOUS!


When most of us head to the beach, we have already planned a series of enjoyable games and activities to keep us easy. Whether it’s a long swim out into the deep end, a spirited game of touch football, a round of volleyball or just simple fun in the sun, no one wants to let a single moment go to waste.

Tell that to the dog in this clip, though. This rascal went to the beach with his family and instead of having the time of his life, he decided that it would be much more fun to catch up on some shut eye. All of the open space to run around in means nothing to him and he is nonplussed by all of the sunshine, too.
Most dogs can’t wait to get to the beach, so that they can head into the water for a nice swim or feel the sun on their faces. This dog had another set of plans, though, and he would prefer if you humans kept the noise so that his nap wasn’t disturbed, thank you very much. Our bulldog buddy is not interested in frolicking in the waves and does not care about what activities his owner has planned.

Once the bulldog arrived at the beach, he headed to the towel, flopped down and proceeded to take an epic snooze. Who says that humans are the only ones who want to head to the beach, so that they can work on their tan? The only things missing from this hilarious scene are a big, floppy hat, some sunglasses and maybe the latest bestselling novel.

Who would have thought that one dog could have such a minimal amount of interest in what is going on around them? We almost have to admire his commitment to not getting wet. The running around is not for him, he’d rather relax and catch a few rays, without getting himself all tired out. Maybe he’s got a big date later that his owner does not know about.

Just take a look at this hilarious video clip!

Who knows, maybe the bulldog will care more about the beach by the time the next trip rolls around, but we wouldn’t bet our money on that. Perhaps if there is a little bit more going on in the future, he’ll perk up a tad. In the meantime, be sure to share this video with the pooch lovers in your life.

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