She Dumps Flour In A Coffee Mug, Then Tosses It In The Microwave For 60 Seconds. The Result? SO…


Need a snack but don’t want to make a large cake? Want something that is fast and easy and satisfying to the taste buds? How about a cake in a cup. Maybe you’ve heard of the idea but didn’t know how to adjust the quantities but the idea sounded pretty cool. Now you can learn how. Anyone’s cravings can be an easy dream come true with the recipes the lady in this seven minute video will teach you. The ideas on each creation may sound very traditional but they are fun and unique for these small servings. And they are not nearly her only recipes. She has many more. The banana Bread is flourless and made with Vegans in mind. Oat flour, bananas and blueberries were never such an amazing combination for a desert or even breakfast dish. It looks so good and tasty with an embellishment of bananas and Cinnamon on top.

Coffee Cake has the usual eggs, milk, salt and flour, but also includes real coffee granules. By adding in the regular flour, baking powder, salt and brown sugar your treat is sure to succeed. Coffee Cake has never been so simple and tasty looking.

The pineapple upside down cake seems to be one of her favorites and can be yours too. Flour sugar, baking powder and brown sugar are some of the ingredients to name a few with a wonderful display of the pineapple and cherry on top. Now you can get your own bite of a special cake without going through the whole motions of a large cake.

Strawberry cobbler is not a normal treat to be made in a microwave, but she has figured it out. After pouring in lots of diced strawberries that already call to your mouth, adding the cobbler topping makes it even more inspiring.

Her last cake in the video was much requested and she finally gave it away: The Nutella Mug cake. Moist, extra chocolaty and extra delicious is the entirety of this recipe. It’s a sure crowd pleaser and perfect as a gift or a special occasion, if not for just a nice chocolate fix.

As you will see all the cakes look extremely delicious. The single servings are a perfect treat. This creative lady has a YouTube channel you can follow and see all of her recipes below her video’s. She gives you all the measurements and ideas to create a beautiful single serving cake masterpiece.

These recipes and ideas for making small deserts are unique by themselves and they only take a matter of seconds, minutes total for the creating and cooking. Easy enough your children could do it with you. Any mugs can be turned into beautiful servings at any event. Doesn’t it make you want to run to your cupboard and start your own baking?

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