She Dumped Water Over Her Bacon And I Said *Are You Crazy?* But The Result? My Stomach Is Growling


Bacon is a kind of meat produced mostly from pigs. It is first cured with salt and then dried further for some days. Bacon is very popular worldwide and it is loved by a lot of people especially the Americans. Although bacon is known to be made from pigs, there are several types of bacon that are not made from pigs now. In fact there are eleven types of bacon that are not made from pigs. These types are venison bacon, lamb bacon, buffalo bacon, seitan bacon, turkey bacon, beef bacon, coconut bacon, soy protein, duck bacon, tempeh bacon and elk bacon. However, the most popular one and the most widely accepted one is the one made from pigs. So when bacon is mentioned, it is the pig bacon that comes to the mind first.

Why is bacon loved by so many people? Bacon is loved for so many reasons. But the reasons can be categorized into four major reasons. First of all, bacon is loved because of its taste. It is very tasty and crunchy especially when fresh. The second reason that makes bacon an all time favourite of so many people is its ease of preparation. Bacon is relatively easy and quick to prepare. The third reason is its compatibility with all kinds of food and snacks. Since bacon goes well with different kinds of foods, it can be prepared in so many ways. But the most popular combination in America is bacon and eggs. The fourth reason is its health benefits. Unknown to so many people, bacon has a high nutritional value. In fact it is more nutritional than most kinds of meat and meat products.

Below are the health benefits of bacon:

• Bacon has a lot of energy given protein. It has more protein than many kinds of meat.

• It lowers both blood pressure and blood sugar. This goes a long way in preventing and reducing the impact of stroke, heart attack and diabetes in human body.

• Bacon possesses a very important nutrient called choline. This nutrient is said to improve memory and also prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other mental diseases.

• Bacon has great protein to fat balance. Its protein to fat ratio is said to be 4 to 1.

• It has so many vitamins.

The big problem with bacon is that if it is not properly cooked, it may lose a lot of its beneficial nutrients thereby losing most of its health benefits. However, the easiest way to cook bacon and make it remain tasty, crunchy and also retain its nutrients has been discussed here.

First of all, put the bacon in a frying pan and ensure it is submerged in water. You can now put it on the cooker or burner. The heat should be high. The water will help the bacon to retain its temperature and also remain moist. Wait till the water starts to boil and then reduce the heat to medium. Allow the water to continue boiling at this low temperature. When the water has reduced drastically, you can reduce the heat further. You can put the cooker on low. Allowing the water to continue boiling gives it room to cook the bacon fat very well without getting the bacon overcooked. If you get it right, your bacon will be crispy and very delicious. And it would never be brittle.

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