She Cuts Paper Towels In Half Then Adds Vinegar. I Am Definitely Trying This.


Do-It-Yourself cleaning products are becoming extremely popular because there are only two ways to have more money, make more or spend less. Considering that you have very little control over making more money in most situations then spending less makes sense for your family. By making your own cleaning wipes you will be able to reduce your costs by about 75%.
Spraying and wiping with a paper towel is a two-step process. Save time by making it a one step process and pull a wet wipe and clean more efficiently.
In order to make the wipes you will need to buy a container that will hold paper towels. You can cut the paper towels with a sharp knife to fit in the container. The container is reusable and because the ingredients are environmentally friendly you can reuse the container for anything that you choose. A note regarding paper towel brands, do not go cheap, cheap paper towels will not serve your purposes and with shred and disintegrate in the solution. Find a strong name brand to use for this cleaning solution. Once the paper towels are cut and stuffed into the container it is time to mix the solution. Mix 12 ounces of water, ΒΌ cup of rubbing alcohol, and four drops of dish detergent in a container. Once the solution is thoroughly mixed pour the solution over the paper towel which was cut earlier. This can be done in a series instead of a complete dump in order to ensure that the entire roll gets saturated.

Remove the core of the paper towel roll once the entire solution has been applied. This is much easier to do after the saturation process. Apply a label and you have a supply of cleaning wipes.

For an easy disinfectant for wooden cutting boards apply the same technique with the container and paper towels. Mix one part water with one part vinegar and apply to the top of paper towels allowing time for the solution to soak in. The vinegar in the solution is the acting agent and will kill the germs on the wooden chopping block. Wooden chopping blocks are rather expensive so the proper care of a chopping block of this caliber is important.

A weekly regime of applying mineral oil to a wooden chopping block will add life to this expensive item. Wooden cutting boards are worth the investment due to the length of time that they last and the fact that they are extremely useful.

Keeping a clean kitchen reduces the chance of illness spreading through your food and home. By practicing these savings opportunities you will be able to keep your kitchen clean and do it for very little expense.

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