She Cooks Her Bacon With Tin Foil. The Reason Why Is GENIUS!


There is nothing like the aroma of bacon. It grips your senses and makes your mouth start to salivate. It is a great way to start the day. A whiff of bacon brings back so many memories. But it also have memories of messy cleanups, spatters, burns, and a host of misfortunes from cooking it.

The fry pan method will result in sogginess. You are cooking it in the grease that wraps the meat. If you microwave it, you will usually end up with bland and dry which will not make you brownie points with your family or guest. And the cooked bacon you can find in the store that you microwave is about triple the cost.

You probably never tried this, but you should. You want a method for cooking superb bacon that is easy, without a hot range spewing grease. I know. You have cooked it on the stove for years and so did your mother and your grandmother used a cast iron skillet.

Ready? No. Don’t heat your oven. ( Saving energy and extra heat.) Pull out your roll of aluminum foil. Line the baking pan or cookie sheet. Then pull another piece of this magical paper and pretend you are making an accordion. Make one inch curves. Actually, this is the fun part as it takes you back to making things as a child.

Place the pan in a 450 degree oven.

Check it in five to seven minutes. The fat will be rendering and falling in-between the waves of tin foil. There is nothing like oven roasted bacon. The method of the home made tent foils helps cook the bacon evenly. Check it and turn the oven pan. Let the time go four or five minutes.

Notice that the fat of the bacon does not burn. But as it renders, it becomes almost transparent, a white color of creaminess. In the mood for hot German potato salad? You have your own grease.

Carefully remove your bacon and place it on paper towels so you can even get more of the grease removed making this a little healthier for you. You should not leave it on the tented foil as it will continue to cook and may start to burn. You can pour the remaining grease into a dish you will save for later or place it in your approved method for disposal.

Cooking the bacon will also give you a product that won’t stick. Easy cleanup. Healthier. So get your tools out: tin foil, baking pan, oven, and tongs for removal. It is not rocket science. It is cooking bacon without splattering you, the range, and having a pan you won’t have to clean. Try it!

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