She’s Been Locked Up Her Whole Life. When She Finally Feels Love? Look Closely Into Her Eyes…


Some dogs don’t get the best life. They have owners that are cruel, and that was the story that Sarah had to live for the first part of her life. This gorgeous dog was punished to solitary confinement constantly, and was on a very short chain. She was never able to move that much from where she was, and she was always sad.

The owner said that he noticed that sometimes it looked like she wanted to be touched, but he couldn’t do it because she was “yucky.” Luckily, the dog was moved out of his care. When Sarah came to the shelter, she was covered in fleas and was very hesitant about anyone touching her because she had never had such contact.
The abused dog was able to get the help that she needed – and now the dog loves her new family. She is healthy and she’s free. She’s not experiencing solitary confinement anymore and she has the ability to move around. She is treated like a dog, not a slave.

Now, Sarah is so happy in her new environment that she actually kisses her new family. They have said how she craves their touch and loves to be in their company, which isn’t all too surprising.

Some dogs that experience solitary confinement and general abuse are unable to bounce back. They stay beaten-down, and they cannot turn around their outlook on life. This is not the case with Sarah. She was able to bounce back relatively quickly, and this allowed her to get adopted from the shelter so that she could continue getting the loving care that she really needed.

The video goes on to share the sweet story and show how Sarah was able to experience redemption. She now is living the life that she should have always loved – and hopefully the owner realizes that he should never own pets if he is going to keep them in solitary confinement.
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The people who give dogs a second chance should always be things heavily – and you may want to give a dog a second chance once you have seen this video. Share it away, people – this is one of those feel-good videos that can make a person’s day and even week.

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