Shameful Employees Have No Problem Lying To Customers


Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. This is true in most cases across the United States. Dogs are loving, affectionate and loyal companions, simply yearning for the attention of their owners. Some are adopted from local shelters while others are purchased from various pet stores. But what happens behind the closed doors of several pet shops located in Virginia? While employees claim that they receive their puppies from local breeders, hidden cameras display a far more sinister truth.

Dishonest employees at different shops promise that all of their puppies are bred in comfortable environments. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many innocent dogs come from inhumane puppy mills, bred in quantity with little concern about their harsh conditions. They are forced to live inside cramped cages, sometimes up to five at a time. Breeders falsify their documents and too many have been violated for acts of animal cruelty.

However, puppy mills aren’t the only entities acting without compassion. A concealed camera captures a pet store employee quoting that a person must sell their soul if they wish to make any money. Immediately following such a horrendous comment he proceeds to say that a person can’t care about the animals living inside the shop. How can a young puppy learn to trust human beings when those introduced to them during their early stages are without kindness?

Furthermore, footage shows that one pet’s paperwork is not only signed prematurely but also without regard to its welfare. In one instance, a dog suffering from an upper respiratory infection is labeled as being ready to sell. Surely this despicable act is geared towards maximizing profit instead of safeguarding the animal’s well-being.

It’s incredible to watch how deceptive store employees can be. The problem, secretly documented on film, is shared between the breeders and the store owners. It’s hard to watch the owners who willingly accept puppies that were bred from cold-hearted environments. It’s impossible for a dog to become man’s best friend when man has hardly been a friend to it at all.

Take a moment out of the day and view this video. Be warned however that viewing this footage can be difficult.
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As a community of animal lover’s it is important to share this video with all those who refuse to tolerate cruelty – whether that cruelty stems from the breeders or the pet store employees themselves. It’s time to raise awareness and stop this travesty from occurring in the future.


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