Severely Abused Pit Bull Gets Killed Despite All Rescue Efforts


Sometimes, stories come to a sad ending, despite the best efforts of everyone that is involved. The tale of Noelle the pitbull falls into this unfortunate category. She was maliciously murdered, even after achieving a small measure of viral fame.

Noelle’s story begins with a trip to the Carson Animal Shelter. Her case had been posted on Facebook and the sweet pitbull had managed to start her own little fan club. The pup had been severely abused, with wounds all over her face and her body. Numerous female volunteers wanted to step in and save this dog.

A few days after the initial Facebook post, another message surfaced. A video was posted on the popular social media site, claiming that Noelle was going to be taken to the vet’s office in order to receive treatment for her wounds.


But the truth of the matter is far more sinister than what was initially reported. As it turns out, Noelle was never actually brought to a veterinarian. Sergeant Justin Guzman was a party to this lie, as he was one of the people spreading the message that Noelle was receiving professional treatment.

The female volunteers who had offered to help Noelle had made their intentions clear to the sergeant. If the pup was unable to be taken to the vet, Guzman was to contact them, so that they could step in and give Noelle the help she needed. They did not receive a call.

None of these volunteers can understand why Guzman lied to them. They are also of the belief that the animal shelter broke laws by not giving Noelle the proper medical assistance. Instead of handing Noelle over to the people who wanted to help her, their lies and mistreatment led directly to her death.

Even after the women volunteers offered to pick up Noelle and get her the help she needed, the innocent pup was sedated and put to sleep just two days later. The dog had already been euthanized, yet Guzman told the volunteers that she was at the vet’s office, receiving the treatment she needed.

As a result, these women organized a protest on Noelle’s behalf. The protest takes place on November 30 at 8 AM. The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control building is the site for the protest and readers should take a moment to visit the event’s page on Facebook and share this story with their friends and family.

These volunteers organized a protest called: Protest the Malicious Murder of Noelle at LA County Animal Care and Control on November 30, at 8:00 am, at Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control, 5898 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA. Please visit the linked event page on Facebook to follow up on their protest. Please SHARE this post.

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