Sensitive Dog Completely Heartbroken Because Family Can’t Afford Him


One of the most common fears that we have as human beings is the potential loss of our families and homes. While these things do happen, how can they be explained when they happen to an innocent dog who has no ability to understand why it is taking place or what he is supposed to do now?

Rocky is a dog who has had to deal with the question on a firsthand basis. Looks can be deceiving and he is one of the sweetest, most sensitive dogs that a person could ever hope to have in their home. He understands things on a deeper level than most dogs and he is heartbroken at what his life has become.
He lost his home and the family he loved so dear. After the dissolution of his happy existence, he was brought to a shelter on January 17. He now lives at Gardena, California’s Carson Animal Control facility.

All it took was a mere 24 hours at the facility for a certain truth to become evident: Rocky was physically suffering. He was so afraid about facing life without his family, he was literally shaking in fear. Seeing a dog like Rocky suffer in this way tugged at the heartstrings of the facility’s staff and they made a Facebook post to alert the public about this animal’s plight.

When the page was created, they begged for readers to share the post, so that word could be spread about this sensitive dog and his time of need. They also asked for a temperament test to be given to anyone who decided to bring Rocky home, in hopes of keeping him from having to go through such a traumatic experience a second time.

If you’d like to take a closer look at Rocky, then be sure to check out these videos.

Rocky’s life is definitely at stake here and he needs to find a forever home as quickly as possible. Take a moment to check out his Facebook thread and share it with any friend or family member who could potentially provide him with a place to stay.

Can you or someone you know offer Rocky a foster home? Please send an e-mail to This loving, sensitive dog is in need of a home and anything that you can do to help will be very much appreciated. Spread this post far and wide, so that we can get the word out.

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