Senior Dog Wagged His Tail Even When His Owners Didn’t Love Him Anymore…


For most of us, Christmas Eve is a day to come together with family and enjoy the tidings of the holiday season. It is also when we complete the last of our preparations before the big day arrives. Whether you are preparing a Christmas ham (or maybe even goose), wrapping presents or doing some last minute shopping, there are numerous tasks that need to be crossed off your to do list.

However, all of us are not nearly as blessed to spend their Christmas around the people that they love most. Some of us are forced to spend our holiday season alone, searching for life’s purpose. Unfortunately, Toby the German shepherd falls into this category.

Instead of curling up in front of the Christmas tree and enjoying the holidays, the eleven year old was cruelly removed from what he thought was his forever home. His owner turned him into the East Valley Animal Shelter during Christmas time and the poor pup was left homeless during the most family oriented season of the year.

Poor Toby assumed that he was heading out to the country for a nice run and some fresh air, but when the ride was finished, the loyal German shepherd no longer had a home to call his own. The dog was slowly developing a tumor on his back end and the owner thought that turning him in at a shelter was the best way for him to spend his final days on this planet.

Shelter staff members tried to keep the owner from leaving Toby behind. They spoke of various other options that would allow him to remain in good health, but their efforts fell on deaf ears. Toby’s owner had his mind made up already and he ditched his canine companion without much of a second thought.

Toby did not allow his adverse circumstances to change his friendly demeanor, wagging his tail when other dogs would’ve become more droopy. His owner made the fateful decision to walk away from him, but Toby’s perseverance in the face of adversity is commendable.

A Facebook page was created for the poor pup, which can be found by clicking here. Please share this story, as well as the link to Toby’s Facebook page, so that awareness can be spread about this dog’s plight. No one deserves to be taken away from their home during the holidays, so please share away, everyone!


Through it all, Toby continued to wag his tail, even as his owner walked away for the very last time. A Facebook page for Toby, ID#A1603450, can be found by clicking here andhere. Share away, people.


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