See The Dog And The Rock? This Is The Most Ridiculously Adorable Thing EVER!


Everyone can attest to the fact that love is blind. It knows no race or ethnicity. Love is something that none of us can explain. It is an emotion that seems to render all of us weak and blind to our partner’s faults. We see life through rose-colored glasses and cherish every moment together.


However, Oliver, an adorable chocolate pitbull takes love to a whole new level. Oliver has a friend. Just like many best friends, they are inseparable. Before you dismiss this as a common relationship, know this. Oliver’s best friend is a rock.

Yes, a rock. Oliver’s dad runs Grand Rapids Bully Breeds. He tells us that Oliver found this particular rock during a camping trip, and they have been inseparable since then.


You probably think that Oliver just likes rocks. What dog doesn’t, right? You’re wrong. His dad created a rock line up and Oliver didn’t hesitate to pick out his best friend.

Oliver’s weird attachment to this rock is documented in pictures online and on the Grand Rapids Bully Breeds Facebook page. You will clearly see that this sweet pitbull enjoys spending time with his friend.


There are pictures of Oliver and his rock lounging on the carpet. There is another one of him and the rock enjoying a nice dip in a kiddie pool. Our favorite is the one of cute Oliver balancing his pet rock on his head. Try not to drop your little friend, pretty boy!

Some people would think his love for this rock is a bit odd. But then again his uncommon attachment to this inanimate object does make sense. Rocks won’t tell you you’re fat. They won’t steal the last slice of pizza when you’re not looking, or kibble in this case. Rocks are solid. They will always be around.

Oliver might be smarter than most humans who have been played by fellow humans. He has built a lasting relationship with an object that will never leave him or cheat on him.
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This beautiful friendship is sure to make Oliver an internet sensation. Oliver’s sunny nature is adorable. Perhaps it will get many people who are afraid of pitbulls to see this beautiful breed in a different light.

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Oliver is proof that these gentle giants have a softer side. Perhaps Oliver’s viral videos will convince others to adopt pitbulls from shelters. That would make both Oliver and the rock very happy. You can make a difference as well. So please share the love!

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