A Scared Puppy Was Staring Death Right In The Face. That’s When THIS Happened.


Lilo was an innocent pit bull puppy who experienced the worst in life from a young age. She was left chained up outdoors and she was not receiving food or water on a regular basis. To make matters worse, she had no form of shelter (besides a flimsy doghouse) and was forced to deal with anything that the elements decided to dish out.


Once the neighbors saw that she was being circled by vultures, they knew that they had no choice but to intervene on the animal’s behalf. Lilo’s journey from being near death to the life she lives now is an amazing one and it can be followed on Instagram.


Once the authorities were contacted by the neighbors, Lilo was finally removed from her terrible situation and given a foster home to live in. Would you believe that her foster parents provided her with the first bath that she ever had in her entire life?


Keana and Travis would soon decide to adopt Lilo for good, although the pup was understandably nervous at first. She was given a soft, warm bed to sleep on, which was quite the welcome change after spending the majority of her life inside of a doghouse.


All it took was some true love from her new family and Lilo’s demeanor slowly began to change. Her nerves started to fade away and she realized that she was now in a safe place, for the first time in her existence.


While she was not used to spending a lot of time around other dogs, she was able to fit right in. No more long, lonely days spent out in the cold without food or water for Lilo. Now, she has friends, family and all the food and water she could want.


Lilo has put her past behind her and instead of worrying about how she will keep herself warm at night, she gets to go outside to play when the weather is nice.


She also gets to cuddle up on a comfy couch when it is time for a nap. This is the life that Lilo should have always lived, but it is never too late to find the right forever home. She went from being near death to having a loving family….what an inspirational story!


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