They Saw This Pit Bull’s Neck And Wanted To Put Him Down. But THIS Happened Instead.


Look what a chain did to this poor pit bull’s neck! He was chained for such a long period of time that he had a huge, red, ugly, open gash in his neck. The gash was five to six inches long and looked to be two inches deep. It was scarred over but not closed. Imagine being forced to live with a chain digging into that open scarred gash! It is hard to imagine someone could treat a dog, or any animal like that.

When Ice was rescued from that situation the local shelter was going to euthanize him to end his suffering. But this wounded dog was so lively and playful that someone decided he might be able to recover physically.
A vet agreed and Ice was scheduled for surgery. The vet had to scrape off scar tissue and open up living tissue before he could stitch up the wound. It is hard to watch the surgery on this graphic video, but quite interesting to see how it’s done.

Not only was Ice wounded by the chain but he was infested with ticks. It seems he was chained up and left to the mercy of ticks or any other pests that came along. The vet pulled off all the ticks while Ice was still anesthetized.

In the vet’s office a few days later we get to see a cleaned up, stitched up Ice being active and playful. The wound was healing properly and quickly. The vet said Ice would be ready to be adopted in a few more days.

Ice has already used his good fortune and paid it forward. Before he left the vet his blood donation was able to save the life of a puppy.

In spite of how he has been treated Ice is obviously a sweet loving dog. Ice showed affection to the vet by putting his paws all over him. Ice enjoyed being patted and rubbed by the vet. His ordeal didn’t ruin his affectionate nature.

It doesn’t seem that Ice had any attention, socialization or training before being rescued but he appears to be smart and to learn quickly. The vet told him to sit and Ice listened, briefly.
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Though Ice had a terrible start to his life he appears to have still developed a sweet loving nature. Now that he has been healed he will find joy and give joy for the rest of his life.

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