Russia Sends Puppy To France In Beautiful Display Of Solidarity


Recently Paris got attacked by a terrorist group that has been emerging in the international scene with the use of extreme violence and complete disregard for human life – and life in general. The group killed over 130 people in Paris in a single night. This made the country go into maximum alert mode and, as such, police started to raid a lot of houses in order to find out whether future attacks were going to occur or not, as they couldn’t take the risk of losing any more lives to a terrorist group.
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In the middle of these raids, there were a few losses on behalf of the French forces. One of them was a police dog named Diesel. He died as a hero during an anti-terrorism operation, killed by a suicide bomber. Pets all over the world paid tribute with the hashtags “#JeSuisChien” and “#JeSuisDiesel” but that wasn’t enough.


The terrorist group also shot down a Russian airplane in Egypt recently, and that killed hundreds of people as well. After provoking France and Russia, the group now has to face them both together as a new alliance is possible in order to fight the threat.

This possibility can be seen as Russia decided to pay tribute to France and give them something they’ll never forget: a puppy named Dobrynia, to replace Diesel. Little Dobrynia is already a small hero, even though no one can replace poor Diesel, may he rest in peace.

Dobrynia is also a symbol of the forming relationship between Russia and France, and therefore between Russia and the West. These countries are now united to face the threat of terrorism and maybe, just maybe, they’ll keep on being united after the threat has been eradicated.

If this happens, maybe it’ll be a huge step towards global peace, so that we don’t have to lose any more lives in the middle of all this. 130 people died in Paris because of terrorism and because of war – a war they weren’t fighting. Russia can’t give back French citizens, but they can give France a new best friend, and that is exactly what they did.


Perhaps this is a new step towards world peace. Perhaps one day, countries will be exchanging puppies instead of bombs and bullets. Maybe one day it’ll happen – let us never lose hope!

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