Robin Was About To Be Euthanized When They Got Him. Now He Gives The BEST Hugs!


Robin was a stray dog. He had been picked up by an animal control officer and he looked bad. He had purple lesions around his eyes and he had a limp. It was suspected that he may have been hit by a car. He was neglected and in obvious pain. It was determined he would not make it and scheduled to be euthanized. It seemed like the kindest thing to do given the circumstances.

The clock was ticking. Five more minutes and Robin would no longer be suffering. But an organization called the Vet Ranch saw a spark of life. They thought they could save Robin and they rescued him. The animal shelter employees had made the call they thought was best, but they were willing to allow the Vet Ranch to try.
The Vet Ranch associates had Robin neutered and they had his leg x-rayed. They found no injury to the leg at all. This was a major hurdle. If the dog had no injury, he could be helped with nutrition, exercise, attention, and time. The veterinarian set up a plan of action to return Robin to health. It would take some time. But, eventually, Robin healed and even thrived.

So many times, dogs and other animals are found and they appear to be beyond help. Many times they can be helped but the animal shelters do not have the funds, time and space to nurse them back to health. The demand for shelter space is so great, they have no choice but to try to help those that have a better chance of adoption, and recovery. The animal shelters do the best they can with the tools they have and one must respect that.

Organizations like the Vet Ranch try to step in for the animals that have less promising futures. They are not restricted by the constant flow of discarded animals that hit the animal shelters every day.
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Someday we hope that all people who are pet owners will be held to a higher standard. Someday we hope there will be no animals turned out to roam because a pet owner decides that they really do not want a dog. But until that day, we are fortunate that we have places like the Vet Ranch who helps animals like Robin.

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