Rest In Peace, Faith: The 2-Legged Dog Who Inspired A Nation!!


Whether you have your own dog or just have a soft spot for animals, this touching story honors the memory of a dog who provided the gift of hope and joy to so many. Aptly named Faith, this brave dog was born with only two front legs. Because of her deformity, she was nearly killed by her mother until her human family was rescued. When they brought Faith for medical advice from their Vet, the doctors actually recommended to Faith’s human family to put her down. Evading death for the second time, Faith was lucky enough to be adopted by her loving family who were able to see something special and strong inside this dog. Rather than giving up on her, Faith’s family took the time and effort to train her to walk, run, and hop all on her two ‘feet’ and ultimately giving her a better quality of life.
With the patience and persistence of her family, and Faith’s willingness to try, she was able to not only live her little dog life to the fullest, but also provide others with a sense of hope, too. As a service dog, Faith gave children with difficulty reading, the confidence to read to her without fear or judgment. Faith also spent her short life visiting and working with United States Military veterans and bringing a smile to injured troops and those who fought for our country.

It’s astounding to think of all of the struggles Faith encountered in her early life, and how she was courageous enough to not let them get in the way of what she was meant to do. Her story is nothing short of miraculous and the strength and perseverance demonstrated by this brave little dog, is tremendously inspiring.

This is a video clip in which Oprah had Faith and her family on as guests. If you take the time to watch this in-depth coverage of Faith’s brave and heartwarming story, please be sure to share it with your friends and family.

Watching this video reminds us that no matter who you are or what obstacles you may face in life, you can overcome them. Faith did not have a choice to be born like a ‘normal’ dog, but instead, with the help of her loving human family, she made the choice to push past her adversity. Faith’s way of life became normal for her, and she brought immense joy and love to the people she interacted with. To quote one of her family members, Faith encouraged them to be “less selfish”–a lesson we can all learn in our daily lives. Take the time to SHARE this video with your friends and family. Although Faith is no longer with us, her tenacity and spirit will surely be remembered for years to come. Rest In Peace, Faith! You will be missed.

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