Rescuers Thought She’d Be Pulled From This Shelter Just To Die Elsewhere. But Then… OMG


This is the story of a miracle dog who was able to make good, thanks to the help of her rescuers. Faith was part of a group of animals that was living in complete squalor. They were all being trampled, they were not receiving the proper food and nutrition and they were absolutely filthy from lack of care.

As a result, Faith’s initial outlook was not very optimistic. Her rescuers did not think that any of the animals they saved would be able to make it and the first three members of the group passed away. Faith, on the other hand, was a fighter and she shocked the good Samaritans by managing to stay alive for a much longer period of time than they had originally projected.
Faith was unable to walk when she was first rescued and from the looks of the photographs being shown in this clip, she did not have a long time left. Her story is a testament to what can happen when you refuse to accept the information being presented to you by your naysayers and you resolve to prove them wrong.

This story also has another unique twist, as it takes place in the country of Turkey, where the standards and practices for the euthanization of animals is vastly different from our own. The Turkish do not tend to believe in putting animals to sleep and euthanization is considered to be a rarity. Because of this, their animal shelters struggle with overcrowding and a severe lack of funding.

Would you like to learn more about Faith’s incredible journey back from the dead? Then be sure to watch this entire clip, so that you can track her progress for yourself. This dog’s story is very inspirational and shows us what can happen when we believe in ourselves.
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Pass this story along to friends and family, so that we can spread awareness about animals who are in a similar plight. No living creature deserves the sort of treatment Faith experienced, so let’s put a collective stop it at once.

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